Indie Philanthropy Consulting

At the Indie Philanthropy Initiative (IPI) we recognize that change can be difficult. We also recognize that in order to respond to the ever-growing crises that our world is facing today, we need to be adaptive and evolving. Indie Philanthropy is excited to guide you or your organization through that process of change. By doing so, we will infuse your work with the inherent ingenuity and imagination that you already possess and lead you to become more effective at the work you do.

Indie Philanthropy Initiative Services

Coaching and Mentoring
One to one coaching and mentoring for individual donors, family foundation trustees, philanthropy professionals and anyone who could benefit from some dedicated time and support. Coaching and mentoring topics include:

    • Leadership and confidence building: You can move your money responsibly, don’t be scared, We’ll help you!
    • Grantmaking practice: Let’s make the way you move your money match your values. Are you interested in systemic change philanthropy? Social justice philanthropy? Want to become an Indie Philanthropist but are concerned your giving structures won’t make space for this? We’ve got you.
    • Navigating dynamics with family, co-workers and grantees.
    • Starting a new funding project: We love working with projects at the inception phase and can help bring them into responsible implementation.
    • Public speaking and telling your story: We can help you to tell your story, and the story of your giving with confidence and truth. This is one of the ways coaching has a ripple effect in the field! Your story will motivate others…!

Facilitating and Moderating
We offer dynamic design and facilitation for:

    • Family foundation retreats
    • Foundation board and staff retreats
    • Funder network gatherings 
    • Funding or learning cohorts and communities of practice

We also coordinate and moderate panels for conference plenaries and workshops.

Presentations and Workshops
We offer presentations and workshops on a range of topics, including:

    • Indie Philanthropy 10: Sessions to help your foundation or family understand how your grantmaking can be more creative and justice oriented.
    • Storytelling for philanthropy: Narratives matter a lot when working to move money in a different way. These sessions help individuals and groups work with an authentic narrative practice to be able to engage more clearly with grantees, family members, staff and yourself.
    • Next Generation Engagement: We know that working intergenerationally can sometimes be tricky. We have a real love and a lot of experience working with young people who are ready to engage in their family’s philanthropy. We can support you in organizing your family in ways that are paced, justice-oriented and tailored the needs and interests of both you and your foundation.
    • Community-Based Decision Making: Participatory grantmaking is one of our areas of expertise and we are able to design workshops and presentations that take you and your group through a process to discover how your work can be more, if not fully, informed by the communities you are working to support.

Curriculum and Funder Guide Creation

    • Are you thinking about formalizing a funder guide? Want it to be different, creative, and outside-the-box and practical? We can help.
    • We can also work with you to create a curriculum and plan for your foundation’s education about social justice philanthropy, participatory grantmaking, systemic change, and radical grantmaking.

Interested in working with us?
We’d love to hear from you. Feel free to reach out to Arianne Shaffer, IPI’s Director, to schedule a free consultation and intake call to see if we’re the right fit for your needs. Looking forward to hearing from you!

Our Consultants/Coaches

dscf1286-1Arianne Shaffer has over fifteen years of facilitation experience working with interfaith groups, arts organizations, municipal government and philanthropic professionals and foundations. To all of her facilitation work, Arianne brings her unique passion and skill for personal narrative storytelling, which she has used as a tool for organizational change, leadership building and design thinking workshops for a many groups. She also has extensive experience working in one-to-one scenarios with a background in spiritual care as a hospital chaplain and a coach to emerging leaders in organizations. Arianne received her MA in Peace Education from the United Nations University for Peace and an honours degree in Religious Studies at Concordia University. She is based in Toronto.

Arianne’s expertise:
storytelling, IPI methods and practices, organizational health, communications and media, strategic planning, and healthy funder/grantee dynamics. To read Arianne’s full bios click here.