Indie Philanthropy Consulting

The Indie Philanthropy Initiative offers consulting for individuals, family foundations, organizations, and funder affinity groups looking to ensure that their giving practices match their values.

At Indie Philanthropy we recognize that change can be difficult. We also recognize that in order to respond to the ever-growing crises that our world is facing today, we need to be adaptive and evolving. Indie Philanthropy is excited to guide you or your organization through that process of change. By doing so, we will infuse your work with the inherent ingenuity and imagination that you already possess and lead you to become more effective at the work you do.

Our consulting offerings are ideal for: Family/Private/Public Foundations, Individual Donors, and professionals working in the field of philanthropy.

What we offer

Introduction to Indie Philanthropy

We know how to support our clients to create customized giving practices and grantmaking programs that are creative, fresh and strategic. We help our clients determine what their long-term goals are while addressing their current needs as well. We guide our clients through the creation of eveything from action plans to full strategic processes. We also collaborate with organizations who have existing funder networks and want to bring Indie Philanthropy principles and practices to their broad range of funders. In 2017 our work with Amplifer and EDGE Funders Alliance has been particularly exciting.

Our primary in-house consultant, Arianne Shaffer, has more than fifteen years of facilitation experience and a breadth of knowledge about the field philanthropy.

Next Gen Training and Development
During the next four years, 43 percent of family foundations expect to increase the number of younger-generation family members on their boards. Indie Philanthropy offers consulting for families who are going through a transition to bring members of the younger generation into leadership. We work individually with the members of the next generation in your family to support them in finding their connection to philanthropic giving. We also work with families to facilitate cross-generational relationship building, communication and mutual learning. All of this work is facilitated with the unique Indie Philanthropy approach, valuing personal reflection, creativity and authenticity.

Storytelling for Philanthropy
We believe that effective philanthropists are open to taking risks, making mistakes and learning from those mistakes to become better at what they do. But in order to embrace risk we have to know how to tell the truth. Storytelling is one of the most powerful tools to support a culture of transparency and authenticity in the field. Learning the practice of personal narrative helps philanthropy practitioners bring their full selves to their work–ultimately making space for their grantee partners to show up as their full selves as well. Read a little more about what our Director, Arianne, has to say about the rules of storytelling applied to philanthropy.

How we work with our clients

Our offerings can work as stand-alone workshops or in combination with each other and are tailored to suit the specific needs and goals of our clients. We offer our consulting packages as half-day or full-day workshops for groups or as one-to-one coaching sessions for individual clients. We begin each new client relationship with an intake call to assess their specific needs and interests in working with the IPI team.

Our Consultants

dscf1286-1Arianne Shaffer has over fifteen years of facilitation experience working with interfaith groups, arts organizations, municipal government and philanthropic professionals and foundations. To all of her facilitation work, Arianne brings her unique passion and skill for personal narrative storytelling, which she has used as a tool for organizational change, leadership building and design thinking workshops for a many groups. She also has extensive experience working in one-to-one scenarios with a background in spiritual care as a hospital chaplain and a coach to emerging leaders in organizations. Arianne received her MA in Peace Education from the United Nations University for Peace and an honours degree in Religious Studies at Concordia University. She is based in Toronto.
Arianne’s expertise: storytelling, IPI methods and practices, organizational health, communications and media, strategic planning, and healthy funder/grantee dynamics. To read Arianne’s full bios click here.