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2017 – Indie Philanthropy Highlights


How does one actually redistribute power through philanthropy?
By Rachel Gelman
Published on Resource on December 14th, 2016

Stages and conferences calls: How the “rules” of storytelling work for philanthropy
by Arianne Shaffer
Published on on August 25, 2016

If the MacArthur Foundation wants a low carbon economy, why is it investing in fossil fuels and ignoring grassroots action?
by Fatima van Hattum and Arianne Shaffer
Published on on October 26, 2015

Most Post-Disaster Funding is a Disaster, How to Do It Right
by Fatima van Hattum and Arianne Shaffer
Published on Huffington Post on July 23, 2015

Transforming philanthropy: it’s time to get serious
by Fatima van Hattum and Arianne Shaffer
Published on on February 2, 2015

Indie Philanthropy: funding outside-the-box
by Fatima van Hattum and Arianne Shaffer
Published on on December 8, 2014

Press and Mentions:

What is Indie Philanthropy? IHRFG Interviews Kindle Project’s Indie Philanthropy Initiative

The face of philanthropy is changing as donors rethink who makes decisions and how funding is done. What is Indie Philanthropy, and how can its principles support human rights funding? IHRFG interviewed the Kindle Project’s Indie Philanthropy Initiative to learn more.

July 2, 2015

Feeding the Philanthropic Imagination
Pia Infante of The Whitman Institute points to Kindle Project, the Indie Philanthropy Initiative, and the Open Road Alliance as creative catalyzers in the field of philanthropy.
May 21, 2015

Indie Philanthropy on KSFR’s New Era Economy Program
Here’s the recording Kindle Project’s Arianne Shaffer being interviewed by Darla Brewer on May 3, 2015. They talked about Indie Philanthropy, New Mexico and their greatest visions for a new economy and how philanthropy fits into that.

Previous Webinars:

August 29, 2017: “Pass the Reins: Shifting Decision-Making Power in Philanthropy” in partnership with NCRP, Grassroots Grantmakers and Grantcraft.
In this webinar we were joined by more than 200 funders to explore how can funders make their grantmaking more transparent and inclusive while tackling the unequal power dynamic in philanthropy. The focus of this rich discussion was about the various uses for Community-Based Decision-Making as a powerful way to shift decision-making power to the people who are most marginalized and excluded from resource allocation.

March 30, 2016:Indie Philanthropy: Stories from the field of reimagined funding‘ Webinar, part of EPIP’s “Wednesday Webinars” series.
In this webinar, we had a conversation that explored both theory and practice from the frontlines using the Indie Philanthropy approaches of Flow Funding, Community-Based Decision-Making and Funding Start-Ups to match values with ways of funding. We discussed some of the most forward-thinking, successful, and collaborative approaches to creating change and explored ways to get started implementing some of these models.

July 23, 2015: ‘Philanthropy Re-Imagined: Tools & Resources for Giving Outside-the-Box for Bigger Impact’ Webinar – part of the Bolder Giving Bold Conversations series.
In this one-hour webinar we had a conversation around creative approaches to giving exploring ways to get started, discussing some of the most unique, accessible, successful, and collaborative approaches to creating change and we shared diverse stories from innovative bold givers in hopes of unraveling participants own outside-the-box funding.

April 30, 2015: ‘Indie Philanthropy 101’ Webinar co-sponsored by Bolder Giving.
In this one-hour webinar we discussed the basics of Indie Philanthropy, explored how organizations and individuals across the country are putting it into practice and how this can have a profound impact on the radical and important work you wish to support in your giving. Enjoy the full recording of the presentation below.

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